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Show Home Breeders: Find a Reputable AKC Breeder

Show Breeders is a directory of show home kennels. The goal with our website is to connect you with a reputable breeder who uses AKC standards. From talking with our clients in this industry we learned there is a demand for a directory like this one. We want to help you make your next purchase better.

You might be wondering why we only wanted breeders that show dogs in the AKC show ring. The thing most people don’t understand is that each breed of dog was bred for a purpose. This is why we have divided our site up into categories. Some of these dogs, however, could fit into multiple groups. For example, the non-sporting group is a catch-all for all breeds that aren’t a perfect fit in the other groups.

The breeders listed on our site have at least one champion dog in there kennel. We verify this before anyone is added. This might mean that we get references from other people in the show world. The reason why this is important to us is that we want to connect you with experienced and reputable breeders.

Terrier Group

Toy Group

Working Group

Why Should You Choose A Show Home Breeder?

The AKC recognizes 189 breeds of dogs. Our website shows, each of these dogs have sub categories. The American Kennel Association rewards breeders for going the extra mile and keeping the breed to their intended purpose. We wanted to categorize each of these dogs. As an example, a working class dog will be happiest when they are able to work. Some dogs where bred for companionship and they will be happiest when they can lounge around the house with there owners.

The reason why we only want to add AKC breeders and show homes is because they are experts on their breed of dog. There are people only in the breeding business to make money and don’t have the dogs health and wellness in interest. Someone who shows and handles these dogs, are an expert on their breed and can help you answer important questions. Everyone looking for a new companion will have a breed that is a perfect fit for them.

How Do You Know if a Breeder is a responsible breeder?

They Show Pure Breed Dogs and Are Aware of the Breeds Standards

This is the main reason why this site was started. A reputable breeder will show in AKC events. There might be some reputable breeders out there that don’t participate in these events anymore, but some of their puppies will end up in a home where the owners show the dog. We use this as important criteria to qualify for a listing on this site.

The definition of a champion is listed on the AKC website. For more information go here. Each dog must win a certain amount of points in order to be considered a champion. If a breeder shows their dogs, and wins at AKC dog shows it shows that they have a high level of competency on the breed. We also recognize that these breeders put in a lot of time and energy into showing and learning about their breed.

Bubba the Jr. Handling Show dog champion

They Breed Out Health Problems

Each breed of dog has certain standards for a reason. Many of the unethical breeders will advertise as a purebred breeder, but will also claim to have rare or exotic dogs. The problem with rare and exotic dogs is that there could have been a reason why that trait was bred out in the first place. These traits can cause serious health issues down the road and a responsible breeder will put their puppies health before making a few extra dollars on the sale of puppies.

They Don't Make Third Party Sales

A responsible breeder won’t ever use a third party to sell their dogs. This doesn’t give them control over who is buying their puppies. A responsible breeder always wants to get to know their clients. As a buyer of their puppy they will want to screen you well. Also, most of these breeders have terms that are in writing on a contract.

They Specialize In One Breed

It is unlikely that someone will specialize in all the AKC dogs out there. There are 189 different breeds then there are the subcategories of dogs. When you think about how much there is to know about each breed it is unlikely that a responsible breeder will breed more than one breed.

Knowledgeable About The Breeds History, Traits, and Temperament

There isn’t a cookie cutter definition for any one breed. Like all other animals each dog will have a different personality to an extent. However, a reputable breeder will take care of the puppies for a couple months. This means that they will understand if one of their puppies is a good fit for your home.

They Own and Live With Their Breed

A reputable breeder will also have dogs that they wouldn’t ever part with. They will always have one of their own dogs living with them because they love the breed. The benefit to you is you get to hear the good and the bad about the breed.

They Will Take Dogs Back

A reputable breeder won’t let their dogs end up in an animal shelter. This is normally in the contract that you sign before you can make the purchase. From talking with breeders this isn’t something that happens often. One breeder took back a dog when the owner got a terminal illness and couldn’t take care of him any longer. From there they can either find the dog a new home. Some breeders will keep the dog at their home.

They Sell A Large Amount of Dogs Through Word Of Mouth

Like many great products, most breeders can sell their products through word of mouth marketing. There are some breeders that aren’t even online yet. We built this website as a means to help you find these breeders.

They Screen Every Buyer

This is really important for most people to understand. Don’t take offence if  a breeder screens you before they sell you a puppy. They want the puppies to end up in the right environment.

They Happy Buyers and Positive Reviews

This is a good sign. We do reputation management for breeders as well.  Normally these breeders will have lots of happy pet owners thanking the breeder for such a great dog.

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